Thursday, October 31, 2013

october: the end

I finally woke up to a frost on the ground this morning. It has been such an impossibly temperate fall I was actually a bit surprised how chilly I was walking the dogs.  But it is time.  The garden beds are just about laid to rest.  We are diligently managing our leaves-not. Our chickens are molting as fast as the trees.  The sun is noticeably lower in the sky and spends less time shining.  The late afternoon is when I catch it streaming into my studio now. 

I spent this week getting a little crafty (thank you mod-podge) for the hundreds and hundreds (we once counted over a thousand) of children who descend upon our street for trick or treating each year.  It is a safe few blocks of houses where the police barricade the traffic so folks can enjoy a sort of sugar fueled mardi-gras in October.  I never really liked Halloween, but this day becomes something of a community event which I feel lucky to be able to take part in.  Its why we live in a small town, know our neighbors and spread good cheer (and candy) throughout the land!


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