Thursday, October 17, 2013

field trip: CMCA/artist crush

Its been a while since I've been a tourist in my own town, but there is no shortage of beautiful art to see right in my own neighborhood.  Yesterday I made it over to the CMCA in Rockport to see the Hawk and Handsaw exhibit.  My favorite by far were the three oil paintings by Meg Chase, my latest artist crush.

I just can't stop looking at them, they are both landscape and completely abstract.  Often imagery from her family's farm fill the canvas- rows of diagonally planted fields tumble back through space.  While other images of riotous flower arrangements press up close to the viewer. The spare paint application does nothing but illuminate the intriguing color combinations and shifts on the picture plane.  See more of her work here, my snapshots do not do her work justice.

ps. Hawk and Handsaw is a journal of creative sustainability published out of Unity College, and the exhibit is co-curated by Ben Potter, professor of Art, and CMCA director Suzette McAvoy.

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