Tuesday, December 1, 2015

daily rituals

I picked up this book at the library last week and have been scanning through the daily practices of other artists.  It is out of curiosity that I wonder how do other people do it? What keeps them attentive to their art and how do they maintain a presence in the studio despite the general concerns of life. Some are quite humorous, others more mundane, and many are fueled by caffeine, alcohol and pharmaceuticals. As a woman and a mother, I have often put other's needs before mine, and my work has waited patiently for me. I know I shouldn't presume that it will always be there for me for it too needs tending, so I hope that by listening sticking to my own (healthy version) routine, my work will once again thrive as much as my children. 

morning coffee
feed the animals
sitting in silence (aka meditation)
walk or hike
more coffee
my journal
my painting

These are things that are happening everyday right now.  At different times of the year, there are variations, but this really would be my perfect day.  December 1 marks the time when the kids are back at school till winter break,  the garden is put to bed, the leaves have been raked and there is nothing left to do but dig in to this quiet window of time and make work. My work. ( oh, and also prepare for Christmas ;) )

Some pages from my journal this week.