Friday, June 12, 2009

June's workspace

I am trying some different things.  One is to draw directly on my paintings from botanical sources.   I draw in sketch books from nature, but not so much in my painted work, so this is a change.  I still want to maintain a layered effect of my work and not paint a straight forward branch for example, so I began thinking about alternative ways to alter the surface beneath the drawing.

I am experimenting with some old metal plates I found from my printing days.  I have painted with copper salts to change the surface.  Then I thought that would be neat to have that type of surface as an under layer to my paintings, so I tried painting the support with metalic paint and got this.  

Now I am painting over the surface with oils.  You can see the undercoat of 'bronze' paint, brushed with copper salts and the blue oil line drawing on top in this detail.