Wednesday, June 12, 2013

lightening up

It has been a wet and busy few weeks here.  We've celebrated a couple of birthdays, a graduation, and an anniversary (20 years!).  We've had our first three rounds of house guests for the season.  I buried another chicken...good bye Helen, and washed muddy dog prints off the kitchen floor almost daily.  I woke up really early one morning and watched the sunrise.  I love where we live!

I made a slipcover for our kitchen couch - hardware store drop cloth and a packet of grey fabric dye. I've taught my visual journalling class the last four fridays and sadly have just two more left.  I took on a private student and am revisiting my art professor critique sessions.  I manage to slip into the studio just enough to stay sane but not enough to feel productive. I'm starting a new series on based on seed pods.  Happily, I sold two paintings! 

The garden is in full swing now with the early springs blues and yellows giving way to the purples and pinks of summer.

I've decided to open an etsy for some of my smaller pieces.  I need to reclaim some storage space in the studio and some folks are asking so.... I thought I'd give it a try.  You can click on the link on my blog and visit my shop any time.  Everything I sell will be an original.  I hope to be adding some works on paper in the next few weeks.

Happy Summer Time!