Friday, September 19, 2014

what I did on my summer vacation part 2

September:  ( I still consider this summer )  The installation of five of my paintings at the Sussman House at PenBay Medical center in Maine.  A trio hangs in the hallway and two individual pieces are in patient rooms.  I am proud that my work was selected to be in our community's new hospice house.

Another 5 days in Truro at Castle Hill!  This time the roads were empty for riding, the water warmer for dunking and the workshop more challenging!  My brain hurts.  But I was awed by the fact that I was able to work under the guidance of Joan Snyder, a painter I have admired since my 20's.  It was tough.  I felt intimidated by the strength and confidence of some of the painters around me and had trouble finding my (voice) mark.  And time was running out after the first day!   I worked in water based media and on paper- but soon realized that I wished I had had my oils with me too. I also wish I could go back in a week or two once I get my feet back under me.  Overall, though, it was an important week in my life.  The group and individual critiques provided me with enough insight into my practice and direction to last me a while back here at home.  I am grateful to the other participants for being part of the experience.

some struggling images:

Thank goodness at the end of each day there was this.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

what i did on my summer vacation part 1

A round up of some summer highlights.

July:  5 days in Truro at Castle Hill Center for the Arts to study with Deborah Dancy, an artist whose work I had discovered while browsing sites one day.  I was struck by both the immediacy and chance present in her work and also for her unabashed usage of the color pink.  A mixed media and meaning workshop.  Processes introduced tipped us on our sides.  A camaraderie of varied interesting participants adding vitality to the afternoons.  Each morning would begin with a hint or a lesson we should follow for the day.  Limiting marks, color choice, and imagery.  It was a week of distilling. eliminating the unnecessary, leaving behind a simple truth on paper.

Collage and mixed media experiments on paper 

August:  Some visiters, bike rides, swims and potlucks.  Held my 2nd annual open studio (previously mentioned post). Delivered #1 boy back to college, spent a night in Vermont.  Oh and the dahlias!  They are amazing this year as always.