Wednesday, September 17, 2014

what i did on my summer vacation part 1

A round up of some summer highlights.

July:  5 days in Truro at Castle Hill Center for the Arts to study with Deborah Dancy, an artist whose work I had discovered while browsing sites one day.  I was struck by both the immediacy and chance present in her work and also for her unabashed usage of the color pink.  A mixed media and meaning workshop.  Processes introduced tipped us on our sides.  A camaraderie of varied interesting participants adding vitality to the afternoons.  Each morning would begin with a hint or a lesson we should follow for the day.  Limiting marks, color choice, and imagery.  It was a week of distilling. eliminating the unnecessary, leaving behind a simple truth on paper.

Collage and mixed media experiments on paper 

August:  Some visiters, bike rides, swims and potlucks.  Held my 2nd annual open studio (previously mentioned post). Delivered #1 boy back to college, spent a night in Vermont.  Oh and the dahlias!  They are amazing this year as always.

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