Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

its up

the bones of winter
36 x 15 x 70"
paper, mylar, metal, silk, cotton, linen, twigs, glass, wire, silver leaf, silkscreen fabric, thread, beads

Here is a photo, taken by my phone, from outside the gallery. I hope to have some better images when I return with a real camera.

I had the idea a while ago to make a three dimensional version of one of my paintings. For the construction, there are ten dowels which suspend all the various elements on monofilament- these are spaced about 1" apart. Each of elements that I created either represented mark making that I use in my work or a form found in nature. I owe great thanks to a rotting oak leaf which served as my muse throughout.

'the bones of winter' is what remains when the light has fallen, when white covers the garden, when the world is still.

This piece is part of the WHITE show at AĆ„rhus Gallery in Belfast, Maine this month.