Monday, December 30, 2013

presents, presence and a give-away

Christmas was a flurry of shopping, end of year events, stocking the kitchen, visiting, organizing, scheduling, meal planning, trips to the post office and running out of time.  In an effort to do everything I so often feel like I get to enjoy less.  So this year, I baked a few less cookies, we ate a few more leftovers instead of preparing elaborate meals ( I still overindulged), I wrapped a few less presents and tried to go on a few more walks.  I thought about being present with the days and tried to enjoy the quiet moments in between the hustle of the season.  

Today the sun is shining on fresh snow, the wind is kicking up and the temperature is rapidly dropping.  As I reflect on the passing of another year, I am trying to gain footing in the studio again, trying to get enough fresh air and exercise despite the arctic front, and trying to eat a little cleaner (at least for a week or two).  It is time to push the reset button on life for the New Year.

I put together a 2014 calendar as my gift to family members this year and I am giving one away in the next few days.  If you'd like a chance to  win one, please leave a comment on this blogpost and I will randomly draw a name on January 1st!  These are on satin finish paper, 5x7" with a clip for hanging.

Happiest of New Year to All!