Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm falling for a landscape

As the leaves begin to fall and the branches of the trees are revealed to me, I'm feeling a little smitten this morning with Allison Gildersleeve's large scale paintings.  I love seeing the underlying structure of the painting peek through lush passages of foliage, much like I observe the skeletons of bark while out walking in the woods.  Coupled with a heady palette of riotous color, these intoxicating paintings absolutely sing out loud.

Allison Gildersleeve, The Day Needs Fixing, 2012, Oil and alkyd on canvas, 54″ × 60″.

I couldn't find many available images to share with you here, but please visit her web site to see more of her beautiful work!  And check out a studio visit video with her here.

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