Monday, March 4, 2013

a visit with an old friend

oh hello!
I painted you in Boston, a long time ago: bk, before kids
in a beautiful studio in the Cyclorama Building in the South End
overlooking the Boston Ballet School of Dance
You went off to live with friends of mine, Michael and Jen
in their beautiful home.
It is nice to see you again after all these years
I still remember the hum of my final brushstrokes

oil on canvas
pretty darn big? @ 3x5' ish??


  1. this is a beautiful painting, ingrid! i just love it... i also love your story about it... i have lots of old friends too, isn’t it so interesting that we are brought right back to that place where/when we made it when we see it again. i totally get it. “the hum of the final brushstrokes... “ - so lovely!
    xo *s

    1. Thank you so much for clicking over Sarah- I was so struck by the looseness of this earlier work, it might be time to bring some of that back into some newer work- maybe just to capture that hum!