Tuesday, March 26, 2013

weekend update!

I love learning how to use new materials to use in my work. I like to stretch myself and work in a variety of mediums.  Even if a technique doesn't end up suiting my practice, I find that doing something different helps to look at my own work in a new light.  So I spent this weekend in Portland learning the basics of encaustic painting. Kim Bernard taught the amazing and intense two day workshop, and now I am filled so much information in my head,  its going to take a bit of time to absorb everything presented.  

Here are a few of the initial boards with the techniques I tried out.

 transfer using a photo copy image

two transfers using pencil, and an image from my journal
collage with birch bark, embedding with beads

taping off areas, gouging and filling, using oil pastels

texture with cooler wax build up, embedding nail heads, 
gold leaf, transfer from journal copy, scraping, oil pastel

What I really like about the processes is the ability to work in quickly in layers to build depth.  I plan on spending more time experimenting this spring.  Have you learned anything new lately?


  1. they look great! encaustics is something i really want to try.

    1. It was super fun, Cheryl, try to find a workshop in your area!