Thursday, February 28, 2013

silver linings

its been a quick month
 a snowy month
and an icy/melty/icy month 

looking for inspiration in the grey skies
and barren branches

embracing the color I am turning and knitting up a matching cocoon

and somedays, just hibernating


  1. Spring will be here soon. Love your new piece and that hibernating pup! We have a chocolate labradoodle who looks like he could be a cousin!

  2. thank you Judy, thats just a detail- ill post the whole thing soon. Twiggy is a little doodle too- full grown at about 30 pounds, she is all fluff and love, and yes, spring will come as it always does! xo

  3. It looks inviting and snuggly. :)

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

    -From another CC student