Monday, February 25, 2013

On Sunday mornings,

I like to keep a date with myself in my studio.

From 10-12 on my local public radio station there is a program called "In Tune by Ten".  
It is an eclectic mix of acoustic, folk, indie sounds perfect for a Sunday.  
The playlist almost always seems to match my mood.  
I turn this on in my studio, bring a hot cup of coffee or tea and sit down with my journal and supplies. 

There is no pressure to 'make' or 'finish' anything in particular in this session.  

It is just a time to connect intuitively with the materials at hand.

I usually emerge from the studio refreshed and cheerful, just as my teens are finishing up their breakfasts.  
Then it is on to the rest of our day.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

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