Wednesday, February 4, 2015

heart of winter

We're in it.  Actually buried by it.  There is simply no where to put any more snow. Yesterday was a spectacularly beautiful day after the latest storm, much of the day spent shoveling paths here and there and digging out our cars.

 its a long way to go for fresh eggs!

After all that physical labor I took on a bigger challenge and sat down at the computer.  We are not the best of friends, and often don't seem to speak the same language. But I am happy to announce that after much of the afternoon, I managed to open my first on line shop.  I intend to sell my smaller work through this venue- things that are easy to ship and more importantly affordable to a larger audience.  Let's see if it works!  I had an auspicious start of three sales by nightfall of the full moon- so I am taking that as a good sign from the universe!  Thank you all who follow me here, and please take a look over here.  Let me know what you think- I'd love to hear from you.

these seven 4x4's are from the heart of winter series

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