Thursday, January 29, 2015

a thought and sparkles

I just finished that three works for five days art challenge on Facebook.  I rarely post my art to Facebook. I have thought about setting up an "art" page, but I just haven't yet...  There are so many media venues to consider.  I actually really like the blog format the best, I think in part because if you have found yourself here reading and looking at this page, you might have been looking for me or my work, or at least browsing arts related sites.  I am not scrambled among posts about cat videos or the latest political crisis.  Its just my art, a quiet place, no ads, no tags, no likes.  Thank you for visiting!!

Below are three small works on paper 6x6" mixed media


  1. This seems a particularly good post on which to say hello! I've been reading for ages, lurking silently. I really enjoy your work and your blog, and your sharing of process.

    I had a facebook page for my work and I hated it. I am pleased there are still artists who also enjoy blogging. Seems to me that there is a tendency on platforms such as facebook for things to become disposable, everything is so brief and in the moment and so quickly replaced by the next thing. I prefer a little depth and to view an image or three in my own time, without feeling I am just skimming my way through a great long feed.

    1. Sarah, hello and thank you for silent lurking!! I am glad to hear your thoughts on the FB art page-it is quite a debate in my head as to whether it would be helpful career wise...