Monday, March 26, 2012

Marching on

Good Monday morning on this appropriately grey damp March day.  We have become a little spoiled these past few weeks with an out of the ordinary warming trend here in Maine, the poor plants are confused- perennials are trying to green up under the leaf cover in the flower beds, crocuses are up and shining purple and yellow a full few weeks early, the weeping willows are already turning chartreuse on their tips, the sun felt so close and warm on our faces just for a brief time, and my bike tires actually hit pavement.  Its like we had a vacation from plain old mud season, but now back to reality, which isn't so bad really.  

I discovered a new walk which brought me here:

I made an art date with myself and went to Portsmouth, NH last weekend to check out the city, which is an absolute jewel. I want to go back and spend some more time exploring, but while there I did pop into two galleries which I had discovered through the internet.  Three Graces Gallery and Nahcotta.  Both are in the downtown area and had really interesting artwork on display when I was there.  Three Graces also carries all hand made, one of a kind fine crafts- jewelry, bags, ceramics, and furniture.  Nahcotta has a fun design/art book selection and beautiful design objets for your home as well.  Later I drove over to the Artstream gallery in Rochester NH, - this shop has a full on art studio and ceramic studio in their space for adult and children's classes- great business plan in a beautiful space!

Fellow Mainer Lari Washburn did a lovely post about my work in her blog last week- Thank you Lari!  There are so many good things that come from internet browsing,  I hope to actually make a studio visit to some of the artists I meet via the internet some time, but for now, from my kitchen I have the world at my fingertips... 

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