Tuesday, March 6, 2012

an evolution

Do you ever have a painting that you just can't seem to resolve?  I have had this one canvas in my studio for close to a year now.  It spends a lot of time facing the wall like a naughty child.  

Every once in a while I turn it around and try to engage in a conversation.  It would be nice if I could say its like meeting up with an old friend for coffee...although I think the encounter probably feels more like bumping into an old love in the produce section (I haven't actually done that, but I imagine there would be a very awkward silence).  

There is always a little section of it that I like and cling to,  so I dive in and try to get things sorted out.  
This piece started out much darker, but it got depressing and murky for me so I put it away. 

in the beginning, a long time ago

Then I got the idea of air and flight and whitewashed it and added the birds. 

then there was light, a few months ago

Then the birds were too much/too obvious and I switched to thoughts of navigating, and now its beginning to feel like coming home.  


I know, I might have wrecked it. I often do "wreck" a painting before I "finish" it.

The poor canvas has been altered so many times, I think it is like a NY transit car in the Bronx, with layer upon layer of graffiti. I am really hoping this week will see the resolution, I will keep you posted...


  1. Hi Ingrid, I popped over from the Creative Courage FB page :)

    This is amazing!! Such different paintings on the same panel - it's inspiring to see how you can revisit and totally turn around on your first (and second) ideas. I love the birds, so stark on the white background, but I also love the hints of birds and the dream-like blue that you have there now. I'm impressed with the process - it's always easier to watch it, I guess, than to it is to paint and need to make it work!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Yvonne,

      I know, why is it so hard to make a change?? It is, after all, only paint...

  2. Oh yes, I do "wreck" work all the time, but as a teacher of mine used to say "let it live", which i took to mean, let it change as well. Loving your blog. I just did a post on you so if you want me to change anything I will.