Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shop Talk

I am by nature a slob in my studio.  My brushes get properly washed only after I complete a series.  The floor is usually littered with rags around the painting wall and scraps of paper under my work table.  I like the idea of organizing.  I am the first to purchase office supplies with the best of intentions.  Magazine files for snipped articles and images, little boxes to hold various pastels or inks.  Still, most of the time I survive in my own mess.  But I have to say, this is an invention that I just love!  I got the idea from some home improvement show, I forget which one, of sinking canisters into a table top to hold my brushes.  They were always tipping over in the jars and cans that I had stored them in.  Which made my work surface even more chaotic.

So I bought three metal canisters from an office supply store that had little rims on them, and drilled holes into this table top.  Even better, the table itself was free from my neighbor Mike Rich, who by the way is an encaustic painter and shows his work at the Leighton Gallery in Blue Hill, Maine.  Thanks!

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