Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seeing Red

Right before Christmas I received a gift.  I was invited to participate in a group show at the Aarhus Gallery in Belfast, Maine.  Aarhus is in a beautiful space and I have often thought about approaching them to show my work, so I am thrilled!  The title of the show is RED.  I have been at work in my studio making some new paintings for the show.  Gathering inspiration for something red in the dead of winter has proven to be less of a challenge than I had thought.  I take daily walks along the water with my dog, and come across frozen cherries and crab apples still clinging to their branches, many holly bushes filled with berries, and the occasional bare shrub that leaves a crimson bark to stand out against the winter's snow.  Of course in the house there are baskets of ever present wool and bowls of fruit from afar (clearly strawberries don't adhere to a hundred mile diet).  In the studio the little heater is at work, along with the plumber and the frozen pipes.  I hope to get back in there soon to my awaiting palette.

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