Thursday, March 6, 2014

seeing red

Looking up in winter is one of the few places to experience vibrant color outdoors.  Some mornings are rewarded with the most intense red in the sky.  Just five minutes after I took this photo, the sky reverted to a grey which persisted throughout the day.  It was worth that early morning wake up from the dogs.

Hibernating away over the last couple of weeks in the snowy confines of Maine, I have pulled out my sewing machine and needles and thread for a bit of handwork.  Sometimes coffee and piecework next to a fire or in front of a movie seem to be a better option than sitting on a hard stool surrounded by the smell of oil paints in a chilly studio. 

A dress made from a red chambray, knocked off from one in a fancier fabric that I'd purchased last year.  It was the first time that I'd ever copied a dress, and happily it worked out just right!  I made the dress on the machine, but hand stitched the neckline and key hole at back.

This is an old treasure that I found in a thrift store years ago.  It has served as inspiration for many a sewing project.

A throw-sized blanket pieced with old cashmere sweaters and backed with a beautiful voile print.  Entirely hand sewn.  L doesn't understand not using the machine to sew, but I find there is something very meditative about making every stitch by hand.  Perfect for staying warm during the 'arctic vortex'!


  1. lovely post, having such a long summer, strangely I envy your winter, your time inside away from the intensity. I do love how you've spent your days surrounded by so much texture. I would love to know what the light grey fabric is under the red ball in the second last shot. I have seen something similar in a garment a friend has, but have never been able to locate it in a shop or second hand store.

    1. Suzi! Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. This winter has had its trials for sure, but it is beginning to thaw out here at last. The blanket I stitched together was made entirely out of old cashmere sweaters that had gone to the moths or fallen prey to the hot clothes dryer! I believe the pale grey one used to be a pullover from the Gap :) I do envy your daily lattes at the beach!