Tuesday, July 9, 2013

on a roll

When my house is in complete disarray and the weeds have set up permanent residence in the garden, I know things are going well in the studio!  It also helps that school is out, the big kid is at work or play and can DRIVE himself places, and the little kid is happily tucked away at summer camp.  The dogs and I have settled into a routine of waking up way too early with the birds, having a quiet cup of coffee, going for our walk, having breakfast and then settling in to do a good days work.

details of a few square panels in progress

and trying out a new shape- in threes

Always there is the journal work.  My spring class was a lovely addition to my Friday mornings and I was sad to see it end.  Here are a few of my own recent pages, always in my favorite hand book.

I hope you are leaving your mark on something today!

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