Tuesday, September 29, 2009

watching paint dry

when the bough breaks, 14x14" oil on panel

This is the last piece I finished for a small exhibit at a local cafe this month-it is another recycled painting. I like the history of the surface when working on old used supports. It is funny what you hang on to and what you discard once you start over. I think there is a life lesson in there somewhere...


  1. I like these pieces...this one and the two below. I also like the idea of reworking or recycling a painting. Putting something aside and then looking at it again and giving it a new life....great!

  2. Hi Ingrid,
    I love the painting. Great colours and good contrast between, linear and solid, light dark, busy and calm areas.
    I've just started painting again after a few years working with textile, and am loving it. Hope my work will become as good and accomplished as yours.