Sunday, February 8, 2009

its not easy being green

I have been experimenting in the print shop a few more days.  It has been fun to revisit a medium that I'd left aside for so long.  These prints are tiny, about 4x4".  They are a combination of two plates.  The black intaglio is a drypoint on an acrylic plate.  The color is an etched solar plate inked as relief.  I used oil based ink for the intaglio, but I was introduced to AKUA-Kolor inks which are non toxic water based, and those I used for the relief.  The colors roll out and blend easily which I like.  There are a number of mediums that alter the viscosity, so they can be used very successfully in doing mono prints or gelatin prints.  They also do not dry out on the plate as quickly as do other water based inks, and may be used on wet or dry paper with different results.    I  have only used them once, but am considering an investment for my own studio.  

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